Companie Golden Lyon

Roll of Arms

The Companie Golden Lyon is a household organized in the Society for Creative Anachronism; our membership is largely in the communities surrounding Denver, Colorado. 

The household strives to create an environment in which we can re-create and share the activities and culture of Gothic Europe, roughly the twelfth through the fifteenth centuries.

We base our philosophy on the knightly precepts of chivalry, and try to emulate the best of our chosen period of time and place, as well as the virtue contained in striving for an authentic re-creation of the culture and artifacts.

Our various members are skilled in textiles or leatherworking, cooking, medieval martial arts and a wide variety of other medieval-era activities and skillsets.

We frequently work together to organize classes and create medieval spaces ("impressions", period camps) in which we maintain a higher-fidelity environment, creating the magic of a medieval experience.

We welcome all comers into our camp or impressions; ask questions, learn something, enjoy a tasty morsel with us.

We also meet twice each year for household-only events, at which we present a high-fidelity impression of the era that we are re-creating.

Guests wishing to participate are always welcome! Contact us for details.

Our precepts and structure are available in the Companie Documents.