Charter of the Company of the Golden Lyon

Unto all people of chivalry, whether they be Princes, Dukes, Earls,Viscounts, Barons, Knights, Squires, Masters, or simply those of high repute, do we, The Companions of the Golden Lyon send most humble Greetings.

Finding ourselves of like mind and equal desires, we, the undersigned Lords, Ladies, Masters, Mistresses, Countesses, Viscountesses, Baronesses, Knights, Squires and Worthy Men at Arms do declare our intent to create, endow, and maintain a modern tournament company, operating within the larger context of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), but striving by example to explore different avenues of faithfully recreating the Gothic period of Western Europe, hoping therein to find inspiration, enlightenment, and a better understanding of those who lived those years through practical means by maintaining an environment that fosters such study.

May all know that by this present Charter of the Company, that we agree to the following tenants:

That as a Company, we endeavor to increase, advance and uphold the banner of a faithful representation of the Medieval culture, and swearing to do the same do we hereby ordain these maintenances:

That every Companion shall strive through speech,manner, and appearance to present forth the very mirror and example of a gentle man or woman.

Also that every Companion shall strive to uphold a faithful representation of the environment of Gothic Europe. We agree to work together to recreate in the most faithful manner possible the clothing, equipment, daily life and military training of the culture of Gothic Europe, and insomuch as it is within our means, to represent a view of the past.

Also that the Company shall endeavor to impart this learning to those that share our passion, both within and without the Society for Creative Anachronism, in order that we should lead members on the path of authentic recreation by example.

Also that every Companion shall endeavor to better oneself in his use of arms, in pursuits that belong to a gentle man or woman, or in the creation and display of accoutrements which enhance the environment of the Company.

Also that every Companion shall take such care of his arms, harness, raiment, materiel, accoutrement, and all appearances that be in accordance with his conviction that neither shame nor stain shall befall the Company. And that he shall accept such guidance and counsel in regards to the above as seems meet unto the same.

Also that for device we take as our own (Fieldless) a lyon erminois, and for motto, “Honestas Supra Omnia", and for livery a red cloak with erminois mantle and hood, or a garter of red and gold, bearing the motto.

Also that any who wish to become a Companion must be in some way known to the company that his merits and advantages are known to all.

Also that the company shall participate in tournaments, encampments, feasts, and other events that meet our purposes from time to time, both within and without the Society of which we are a part.

Also that whether we stand upon any field of endeavor alone or in company, each Companion shall support and encourage the other with speech, deed, and seemly conduct.

Also that should it appear that one of our own has sought shameful personal advantage, or has succumbed to the temptations of pride and vanity, he shall hear of it first from us.

The Company at Peace shall strive for increased understanding of the people, events, and cultures of Gothic Europe. We shall practice the arts and sciences of the era, and endeavor to create an environment that accurately reflects that of our era, and will gather in times of peace to re-create such an environment.

The Company at Tournament shall stand as one, aspiring to uphold the banner of chivalry.
It being the duty of all good men-at-arms to practice for war so that they may better defend their liege lord when such need arises and so that they may better the Kingdom and Society of which they are a part with their deeds, and tournaments as they used to be held of old being the best way to exercise both prowess and valor, the Company will seek glory and renown for both ourselves and our challengers through tournaments which showcase renown and prowess over victory, using as our exemplar those noble and legendary Tournaments of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in Europe.

At Tournament we hereby ordain these maintenances:

That the coin of Knighthood is not victory, but renown; that true glory comes not with the mere achievement of victory, but in striving to do one’s best and in the steadfast refusal to sacrifice honor for base gain or for the sake of vanity.

Also that the source of inspiration is one's consort.

Also that the true joy of combat proceeds not from the base spirit of pride, nor of vainly striving one against the other, but is only from honor.

Also that the Companions shall contribute to the environment of a period tournament by maintaining faithful recreations of dress, armor, shelter, and accoutrements.

Also that Companions shall contribute to the faithful recreation of a period tournament by bringing and displaying armory on their persons; consorts shall likewise display armory on their persons or accoutrements.

Also that Companions shall provide Heralds who will speak to their deeds.

The Company at War shall stand together on the field of battle, defending our untarnished convictions.

As it is a great honor and privilege to dwell within our noble Kingdom, we here pledge to ever serve and defend its Sovereigns on any field of battle upon which we venture. This we swear willingly and with great devotion.

At War we hereby ordain this maintenance:

This Company, being committed to the exploration and pursuit of noble chivalry, shall never suffer itself to be retained in time of war for base gain.

We acknowledge that these noble ideals represent a formidable challenge for any person, yet we trust that the continuing aid and encouragement of our comrades will provide for each of us the resolve to keep these ideals ever before us.

The bonds of this Fellowship shall be broken neither by hazard, nor by wounding, nor even by Death. Leaving no man to face Fate alone, we hereby pledge to be true. This being said, may God bless our venture.

Be it known that we, the charter Companions of the Right Noble Company of the Golden Lyon set forth upon this endeavor on this Feast Day of St. Valerius of Sorrento, being the Sixteenth day of January in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Ten, Anno Societatis XLIV.