Ordinances of the Company of the Golden Lyon

1. Purpose of the Companie

1.1. The Right Noble Companie of the Golden Lion (the Companie) is chartered to further the goal of authenticity within the Society for Creative Anachronism (the Society). To this end, the Companie is formed to accomplish the following:

1.1.1. To study the culture of the Gothic period in Western Europe in order to create a faithful or authentic environment in which to recreate period activities in an authentic fashion.

1.1.2. To share our knowledge, skills, and materiel with the Society at large, by providing an example of authenticity and chivalry to those who may want to join us on our path.

1.1.3. To convey the joy that we find in pursuing authenticity as a goal.

1.2. The Companie may, at their discretion, sponsor or participate in SCAevents as a body from time to time, (see 5.2, below) but no one is under any obligation to participate in the SCA as a member of the Companie at any other time.

2. Membership

2.1. Members of the Company may be styled Companions or associate members (nomenclature TBD).

2.1.1. Associate members are those who join with the efforts of the Company, following the ideals and precepts of the Company, who are developing their kit and actively contributing to the general good. Those that are unable to array themselves fully as described in these Ordinances, but are equipped within their means shall be welcome to participate with the Companie as associate members, and may attend feats of arms, feasts and gatherings of the Companie.

2.1.2. Companions shall be chosen from those who love well noble deeds of arms and the gentle arts, of gentle rank and station without reproach, who ever carry themselves well and courteously, and array themselves properly according to their rank and station. Membership is open to both combatants and non-combatants who each contribute to the ideals of chivalry, honor, and authenticity through creating or supplying period accoutrements and participating in period activities. The Companions shall by consensus establish the criteria for Companionship in the Companie. The leader of the Companie with the consensus of the Companions may invite associate members to become Companions. Upon acceptance as a full member, new Companions will receive livery.

3. Duties, Responsibilities and Rights of Companions

3.1. Companions shall be responsible for setting the highest example of chivalry, honor, courtesy, and insomuch as means allow, faithful representation of the Companie’s era at all times.

3.2. Companions may wear the livery of the Companie, to whit:

3.2.1. A cloak of gules, mantled and hooded erminois, charged on the left breast with the badge of the Companie, to wit: (Fieldless) a lion erminois.

3.2.2. The said badge as else wise pleases them.

3.2.3. A garter worn below the left knee or on the left forearm bearing the motto “Honestas Supra Omnia”.

4. Expectations of Companions

4.1. Expectations of the Company as a whole

4.1.1. The Companie will strive to offer its services as a whole to the autocrat of at least one event per year to serve in whatever capacity is required.

4.2. Expectations of all Companions

4.2.1. Companions shall attire themselves in a faithful representation* of Western Europe between 1250 C.E. and 1500 C.E., and shall endeavor to create a period “kit” including armor, clothing, shelter, and other materiel, within their means. And this shall be set forth more fully elsewhere.

4.2.2. Companions should, through patronage and teaching, strive to assist their fellows in improving their kit, harness and materiel.

4.2.3. Companions shall offer assistance and instruction to newcomers to the Society that express need or desire.

4.2.4. Companions shall display their arms on suitable banners at tourneys, and on their shields when used on the field. If the Companion does not have registered arms of their own, they may use the badge of the Companie until such time as they do.

4.2.5. Companions, and those under the patronage of the Companie, shall behave at all times with the utmost of virtues. They shall, on and off the field, act in a chivalric manner that will bring renown not only to themselves, but to the Companie as a whole.

4.2.6. Companions shall, within their means, provide one item for the patronage chest each calendar year. These items may include a piece of clothing, armor, feast gear, etc. to be lent to a newcomer in need.

4.2.7. Discussion of modern topics is discouraged.

4.3. Expectations specific to Men-At-Arms

4.3.1. If a member of the Companie wishes to present themselves upon the field to do combat as a Knight or Lord of the Companie, they must arm themselves at all points, so well that one might come within a spear-length of them and find no fault with their array. And this shall be set forth more fully in the Outfitting Guidelines.

4.3.2. Members of the Companie shall ever behave in the field with valor and courtesy, and with such chivalry that they shall bring honor to the Companie.

4.3.3. Companions are obligated to answer a muster from the Lyon Marshal, to take the field as a unit, unless the Companion is honor-bound to another person at that time, or otherwise unable to answer the muster.

4.3.4. Associate members are encouraged to answer a muster from the Lyon Marshal, to join Companions as a unit, and are welcome to wear the colors of the Company.

4.4. Expectations specific to non-combatants (and combatants, when they’re not in armor)

4.4.1. To assemble and maintain collections of items appropriate to a medieval tournament and campsite. This includes viewing galleries, list ropes, heraldic banners, seating and tables, cooking equipment, tents, etc.

4.4.2. To contribute to the environment of the tournament, feast, or encampment through services such as heralding, keeping the results of the tournament, setting up and taking down shelters, cooking, building furniture, serving feasts, organizing dancing, and the like.

4.4.3. To inspire those Companions on the field by serving as consorts.

5. Organization

5.1. Officers – Officers are responsible for the maintenance of an harmonious atmosphere in the Companie. They will set an example by the accuracy of their costume and equipment and by their conduct. Officers may delegate any of their responsibilities as necessary.

5.1.1. Lyon Marshal The Lyon Marshal of the Companie is installed at the Feast of the Companie or at another time generally agreed upon each year; the Lyon Marshal is chosen by the Leader of the Companie, based upon consensus of the Companions. The Lyon Marshal shall be responsible for coordinating the martial activities of the Companie, including arranging for practices and organizing tournament activities.

5.1.2. The Steward The Steward of the Companie is installed at the Feast of the Companie or at another time generally agreed upon each year; the Steward is chosen by the leader of the Companie, based upon consensus of the Companions. The Steward shall be responsible for maintaining a treasury and managing expenses that are intended to be covered by the Companie as a whole. The Steward shall maintain an inventory, including both materiel owned by Companions and available for muster to Companie events, and Companie-held materiel. The Steward shall arrange for maintenance of Companie-held materiel.

5.1.3. Lion Herald The Lion Herald is installed at the Feast of the Companie or at another time generally agreed upon each year; the Lion Herald is chosen by the Leader of the Companie, based upon consensus of the Companions. The Lion Herald shall maintain a roll of arms for the Companie. The Lion Herald, or their designated pursuivants, shall act as the principal herald at all tournaments that the Companie may or host. The Lion Herald shall maintain the Lists of the Companie, as deemed appropriate by the Captain and Companie.

5.2. Gatherings

5.2.1. The Companie shall endeavor to hold a feast of period foods each winter, the expense of which shall be paid for by contribution of the Members of the Companie.

5.2.2. The Companie shall endeavor to create an encampment each summer, the expense of which shall be paid for by contribution of the Members of the Companie.

5.2.3. The Companie shall hold as the members desire a round table at which new members and other business of the Companie shall be discussed.

5.2.4. The Companie shall endeavor to hold one noble Deed of Arms each year, at such time as seems convenient to the Companie.

5.2.5. The Companie may sponsor such tournaments, encampments, forums, or feasts as the Companions deem fit from time to time at or during events sponsored by the Society.

* “Faithful representation” or “authentic” is taken to mean that at 10 feet, there should be no visible elements in clothing, harness, shelter, or materiel that would inconsistent with period practice or artifacts. This is commonly called the “10-foot rule” in the Society. No one cares what’s under your bed, surcote, or clothing, but make sure it’s covered. On the other hand, leaving mundanities out altogether can help keep you in the “period” mindset.